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Agencies Expected Plans For Their Artists & Stars That’ll Shine Brighter in 2018

Newsis compile what big agencies expected to do in 2018 in order to compete in Kpop music industry. Please not this is based on what reporters wrote as an opinion.


This year is important for SM, YG, JYP as turning point which so-called three major entertainment companies. As music market is shaking due to political and economical issue, artists are likely will find another way to grows.


Biggest expectation is the duo Dong Bang Shin Ki. As the group who particularly help the Hallyu growth till this point, if they make a new song/comeback it’ll give big impact. And just as last year, the 4 consecutive million seller EXO still expected to play a big role.

It is still unclear whether SM girl group will be their main plan. As Girls Generation become unclear with Sooyoung, Seohyun, Tiffany’s departure. F(x) comeback with Krystal as center will attract more attention. But considering last year, Red Velvet ‘Red Flavor’ is another hit, we’ll expect more in 2018.

SHINee who celebrate their 10th anniversary this year also still likely undecided. The Dome Tour which was scheduled for February also still under discussion.


YG still in a lot unstable stance. After BigBang and 2NE1 YG still can’t get a grip for another big star. 2NE1 disbanding and BigBang who make 50% of their profits will eventually go to military service. JTBC ‘MIX NINE’  which was an ambitious plan from Yang Hyun Suk was also not doing really good, also their subsidiary, YG Plus.

However, the one who’s experienced in producing, Yang Hyun Suk, will expected to push on iKON, WINNER, and BLACKPINK. There also a new boygroup and girlgroup are expected to debut.


JYP trend group, TWICE are still expected to continue their popularity. After Wonder Girls and MissA disbandment, TWICE who hit 6 consecutive hit song will filling up the gap. Also, TWICE will be the main character who brings back Hallyu re-ignition in Japan.

As 2PM members are absence for military service, GOT7 is expected to play a role in Hallyu. Potential band DAY6  who steadily build their foundation and fanbase also expected to be big. In addition, new group such as Stray Kids will be on their plan.


FNC who’s pursuing three major companies with diverse business such as drama and performing arts is planning to debut a new girl group this year. Although AOA might be the main focus, CNBLUE, FT Island activities will be harmonized with their new group such as SF9, NFlying, HONEYST.  Also, FNC AdCulture, a subsidiary, will enter performing arts market by participating as co-producer of ‘Red Book’ musical.

BTS and WANNA ONE will Still Being Hot Group with Lot of Works

The global group BTS and hot rookie WANNA ONE  who caused the syndrome last year are still expected to hit big success this year.


As Bang Shi Hyuk said, BTS plan to expand their fanbase by communicating with the world through Korean song to maintain the unique value of KPOP. It’s also an interesting point how we’ll look over BTS who have already hit US market will become more popular in Korea.

With their achievement last year Billboard 200, 2017 American Music Awards, Billboard Hot 100, BTS are expected to grow more.

WANNA ONE  who caused a big issue in the country predicted to be more active in 2018. As a project group who’ll disband by the end of 2018, they’re expected to continue their busy year in 2018.

Source: Newsis

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