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Wanna One Shared Their Thoughts on 2-Days Show in Hong Kong

Last week, it was the first time Wanna One came to Hong Kong for their fan meeting, they held the welcome meeting before the show. Lets take a look of what did the boys mentioned during the welcome meeting!


The boys were talking about how their thoughts for having the first fan meeting in Hong Kong as Wanna One. Jisung who is the leader, said that he cherished every chance to be able to hold fan meeting and was really looking forward to meet the Hong Kong Wannables. He mentioned that none of the members including him would expect to be able to add another fan meeting show. When Wanna One heard about their additional show, the first thought popping out was they must strive harder to repay the fans for all the loves and support they received from the fans.

Daniel said during the welcome meeting, this was the first visit to Hong Kong, he was attracted by the breathtaking night view. Although this was not the first time for Sungwoon , he mentioned that he was anticipating the Hong Kong traditional food- Dim Sum.

W1 HK 2

The organizer had prepare the Mooncakes for the boys to eat as during the fan meeting it was the Mooncake festival which is the Chuseok festival for Korean. The Korean members were surprised to see that, apart from Guanlin who is the only foreign member in the group. Guanlin added that the mooncakes are available in Taiwan too, so this is not the first time he is eating .

When the mooncakes were served, the members were all curious about how is like and the tastes as they start to look at it and attempted to sniff about the smell.

The members were asked what would they like to do during free time. Wanna One said that they would like to go travelling as a group and laughed when they said they want to go with the fans too. Minhyun was also revealed by the members that he is in charge of the cleanliness and members love to dance and practice vocal in the dorm.

When asked about their childhood dreams,  Guanlin said that his dream was to be a basketball player, Jinyoung was to become a sport person too while Daniel said he want to be the Spiderman. Maybe the fans can prepare a Spiderman cosplay for him next time?

Wanna One added that they are in the midst of preparing their second album, and would like the fans to look forward to it.

Korean Updates would like to thank HS E&C Entertainment for the invitation.

Article & photos by: Venus Chan

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