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An Incredible “White Night” with Taeyang in Jakarta

On October 13 2017, Big Bang’s Taeyang once again visit Indonesia for 2017 World Tour White Night in Jakarta. White Night World Tour is Taeyang’s second world tour that will visit 19 countries in total. The name White Night itself is from his newest album with the same title ‘White Night’ that was released on August 16 2017.

Dong Young Bae or Taeyang is one of the member of Big Bang, a worldwide popular boyband from YG Entertainment. The singer of a hit song ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, Taeyang, is very known to have a great ability in singing and delivering a song. Throughout the show, Taeyang once again proved that he was indeed a very great singer with the same stable voice whether he was singing ballad or dance song. His performances for sure will never disappoint. The show was even more special with the awesome performances of the live band. Every stages has different lighting and effect that made every songs different. The sound was actually quiet loud last night, but it seemed like V.I.Ps loved it since they could hear Taeyang’s clear voice louder and better.

At his ment, Taeyang said that he remembered his visits to Indonesia before. He also remembered how Indonesia V.I.Ps are very passionate in cheering him or Big Bang. He always grateful and hope that fans will also enjoy the show he prepared tonight. He also said how he misses Big Bang members and hope to be able to perform with again soon after he sang one of Big Bang’s song ‘Last Dance’. Taeyang played a keyboard as performing ‘Last Dance’, but he made a small mistakes and decided to start over. He said
sorry but the fans said it was okay and he is cute.

Taeyang sang 24 songs in total, but unfortunately he did not sing the full song and mostly skipped the second verse part. Maybe that was why the concert ended so fast. It was 1 hour 30 minutes only. Even so, all the V.I.P seemed to enjoy and happy to be at the show last night. We hope too, Taeyang had a great time and will visit Jakarta again soon in the future!

Good luck for the remaining shows, Taeyang!
Aku cinta kamu.


Song list:

  1. Ringa Linga
  2. Body
  3. Super Star
  4. Wake Me Up
  5. Only Look at Me
  6. Wedding Dress
  7. Amazin’
  8. 1AM
  9. Naked
  10. So Good
  11. I Need A Girl
  12. Empty Road
  13. Ride
  14. Tonight
  15. Love You to Death
  16. Fear
  17. Last Dance
  18. Darling


  1. Super Star
  2. Good Boy
  3. Stay With Me
  4. Bang Bang Bang
  5. Fantastic Baby
  6. Eyes, Nose, Lips

Written by: Jesica Hawari
Photos by: IME Productions Indonesia

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