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Wanna One Spill More About Their Pick at Wanna One 1st Fan Meeting in SG Press Conference

The super rookie, Wanna One, finally arriving at Singapore for the first time having their fan meeting. Press and 50 lucky fans are lucky enough to be invited to a closed room press conference held at the same day before the fan meeting.

Entering the room, Wanna One is welcomed with scream and enthusiasm from fans. Right after they introduce themselves, they start talking about their experience during their 1st visit to Singapore. The leader, Jisung explained they’ve tried Chilli Crab and as the MC asked if they’ve tried another dish and suggest Chicken Rice, Daehwi agreed that they’d try it if they could.

During free time Woojin spoils that the members usually eat and sleep. Also he revealed that he actually like watching dramas! Meanwhile, Daehwi, Jaehwan, and Daniel are composing new songs both melody and lyrics. Too bad that Daehwi said they can spoil it here neither on fan meeting but he promise that the song will be out soon! Wanna One is known for their big appetite, upon that, Jisung once again revealing how they order food at night right after they reach dorm after practicing. Then how to maintain your figure? “But we practice a lot! That’s why,” Daehwi immediately answered.

Fans are all curious about room arrangement during overseas activities if it’s the same as their dorm.  They explain that fans must’ve know their dorm roomate thru Wanna One Go and for overseas activities, Sungwoon said they’ve their own room for them selves and they can’t choose, it’s already designated.

Wanna One Pick! Wanna One point out their preferences for each question asked. Members were asked “Is there any talent that other member’s have and you wish that you have it?” Sungwoon once again pointed out he want to have Kuanlin’s height, while Kuanlin’s want Woojin’s dance skill. Seongwu wants Daniel’s physical while Daniel wants Minhyun’s handsome face. Jinyoung express that he’d like a broad shoulder like Jihoon and Woojin want a small face like Jinyoung. And one member want to have Jisung leadership and manly treats.

But if you want to boast 1 about your appearance, what it could be?” Daniel, Jihoon and Kuanlin chose their long leg as the thing that they can be proud of. But Ong Seongwu seem can’t choose well so Kuanlin speak up “his face tells all” also fans adding “everything!” making Seongwu blush while thanking fans. Minhyun is proud of his adam apple, Woojin with his teeth, Daehwi small waist, Sungwoon baby skin, and Jaehwan’s cheek.

Wanna One

Woojin is chosen as the most energetic member in Wanna One as he said by himself, he doesn’t like silence. He tends to joking around with other members and really talkative. A total reverse, Kuanlin is chosen as the least energetic member who likes to lying around.

Members are all agreed (including Daniel him self) that Daniel is the best dresser in the group as he can mix and match his outfit well. But not with Bae Jinyoung. He’s chosen as the worst dresser as he always refuse to wear the outfit from their coordi and Daehwi complaining bout his bucket hat all the time.

Wrapping up the press conference, members are all standing in front to greet press and fans once again before leaving the room. See ya on the fanmeeting boys!

Thank you IME Singapore for the invitation to attend this up close press conference with Wanna One. Can’t wait to finally witnessing their ‘Energetic’ performance in Singapore!


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