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SF9 Greet Singapore Fans with ‘BE MY FANTASY’ Fan Meeting

SF9 were in town last weekend where the first fan meeting was held at Marina Bay Sands. The group consists of 9 members, Youngbin, inseong, jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Rowoon , taeyang, hwiyoung and Chani.
SF9 has certainly caught the attention as they have proved themselves to be a talented boyband .
During the fan meeting, the members worked hard to speak in english to communicate with the fans although they do have a translator on stage.
The members are not shy to share the jokes with the fans and shared their impressions about Singapore.
Youngbin who is a leader, mentioned that there were so many pretty girls around. It is one of the culture of the Korean boyband to speak singlish in singapore , thus SF9 showed their talents in speaking Singlish to the fans. The boys learned some singlish words such as Chic bu (pretty ) on their fans and Jaeyoon did a sexy wave which caused the fans off the stage going crazy .
SF9 is the first dance boy group in FNC, they definitely lives up to the expectation as they have shown their dancing talents in the fan meeting . They have a catchy song name K.O , this has caught the attention of the fans as it has a chain like dance steps, showing their charisma. Jungle Game and Watch out are with additive beats and causing heart pumping at the same time.
When the fanmeeting is coming to an end, there is fan made video shown to the boyband, which includes their first debut. SF9 promised the Singapore fans they will work hard to come back to singapore again.
It was a definitely an enjoyable night withe SF9 performances for the fans.
KoreanUpdates would like to thanks IME for the media invitation.
Written by Lee JJ
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