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5 Things You Must Know About Lee Dong Wook Before His Fan Meeting

We are just 4 days away from Lee Dong Wook’s Asia fan meeting tour “For My Dear in Jakarta”, but are you sure you know all about the actor? Korean Updates has summarized for you 5 things you must know about Lee Dong Wook if you are his fan, so check them below!


  • Lee Dong Wook was born on November 6, 1981 in Seoul

Lee Dong Wook is the first child of his family of four. He has younger sister who also appeared in Roommate sharing about how the family sees him as hardworking and dependable oldest son.

leedongwook (2)

  • The actor debuted in 1999 through a show titled MBC Best Theater

Yes we know the photo above is from his drama My Girl, but actually the actor debuted in 1999 through a show titled MBC Best Theater that play short stories and included the one where the actor appeared on TV for the first time. It has been about 18 years since his debut and we all hope the actor has nothing but going forward for his career.

leedongwook (5)

  • Actor isn’t his only job

As most of you know, Lee Dong Wook isn’t only active as an actor in dramas and movies, but also has worked in several variety and reality shows, whether as fixed cast or guest. The ones that was most popular might be his role as SBS Strong Heart MC along with Shin Dong Yup in 2012-2013 and his various charms that he showed while being SBS Roommate fixed cast in 2014-2015.

leedongwook (4)

  • Lee Dong Wook loves children. A lot!

Lee Dong Wook has been known as a warmhearted guy who really loves children. He was once appeared in KBS Return of Superman to take care of Lee Dong Guk’s children, Seola, Sua, and Daebak. He revealed then that his actual reason for appearing was to get ready to welcome his first nephew. Lee Dong Wook was proved to keeping a good relationship with Lee Dong Guk’s family as he appeared for the second time and also from photos of his personal visit to the family’s house.

leedongwook (3)

  • The actor wasn’t Kim Eun Sook’s first choice to play Grim Reaper

Goblin made the actor’s name known again to the public after several works of his weren’t as hit as his My Girl and Scent of a Woman, but do you know that he was actually rejected from the role by scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook as he looks different with how the writer imagines him to be. However, after endless persuasion, Lee Dong Wook successfully proves himself to be the perfect Grim Reaper as we known now.

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3 Comments on 5 Things You Must Know About Lee Dong Wook Before His Fan Meeting

  1. Ever since I am following some of Lee dong wook’s Korean dramas that he has been part of… He absolutely portrayed naturally as if in real life of him it happens… Very much realistic in any ways… He is really a great actor…

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  2. Omg we share the same birthday i cant breatheeee

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  3. Hi, point #5 is not true. Kim Eun Sook did not have another actor in mind to play the Grim Reaper when Lee Dong Wook approached her. He clarified the story here:

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