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[Press Conference] TWICE: TWICELAND in Singapore

TWICE is here in Singapore to promote their concert “TWICELAND”- The opening in Singapore. The girls have shared their impression on Singapore foods and shared their feelings during their debut.
This is the first time TWICE is visiting our little small country.Members such as Nayeon, said that the girls were really happy and looking forward to meet the Singapore fans.
When they were being asked what to look forward, Jungyeon said that everyone had a special stage to surprise their fans. Thus to find out whats is it, do attend to the concert!
Recently TWICE was being ranked 3rd on the Forbes Korea’s Top 40 “Powerful Celebrities”, they felt honoured and said that its all thanks to the fans’ effort. Twice will work hard to to perform as a way to repay the fans.
The fans must be wondering how do TWICE motivate each other when they are feeling down. Sina mentioned that they a small which is similar to the ball that placed in Disco. The girls will make use of that ball to sing and dance to make the members cheer up.
As Singapore is famous for food, Mina told the media that they love eating Chilli crab last night as it was really delicious. However, with lots of varieties of foods in Singapore, Tzuyu loves to try Kaya Toast and Hainanese Chicken rice.
Before the TWICE ended the press conference, Twice said that they will travel to overseas more often to meet the fans  so please continue to show them loves and support and will improve themselves with a better image.
KoreanUpdates would like to thanks One Production for inviting us to TWICELAND IN SINGAPORE Press Conference.
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