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Flew High with BTS Through The WINGS Tour in Jakarta

When Bangtan Boys (or as we known as BTS) announced their world tour, Indonesian ARMY had been wondering if they finally be able to see their favorite idol again after their last visit in 2015 and fortunately, ARMY’s dreams came true. Different from BTS’ previous visit which was a fan meeting, this time, BTS came to Indonesia again bringing their concert tour titled “2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III the Wings Tour in Jakarta”.

BTS’ “The Wings Tour” was held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD using two halls that able to accommodate up to 8000 people. The enthusiasm of Indonesian ARMY was unbelievable and it showed how BTS has grown their popularity in Indonesia.

The concert started with ‘Not Today’, showing BTS’ awesome synchronized dancing and cool, energetic performances that made all audience felt energized again even after an exhausted day queuing since early in the morning.

Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook proved to come with a lot of preparation for Indonesian fans by showing their perfect Indonesian language skill throughout the concert. They constantly tried to make conversation with fans by Especially since their sentences weren’t just simple, but long and more complex ones making some fans even said that their accent are just like natives.

Every member of BTS performed their solo songs in the album, showing their own characteristics and talents through. The rapper team Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope also performed their track ‘Cypher Pt. 4’. In this ‘The Wings Tour’, BTS Not only performing all songs in their ‘Wings’ album but also performing a medley of their previous title tracks such as ‘N.O’, ‘No More Dream’, ‘Boys in Luv’ and ‘Danger’. Even with those tiring dance moves, BTS was able to perform live throughout the show. There was some problem with the audio for a bit, but it didn’t bother their great performance at all.

Beside their great performances and songs, one of the reason why BTS was loved by their fans is how good their fanservice is. They always tried to interact with their fans as much as possible, they also looked at their fans eyes one by one. One of the member Jin also made a heart shape tissue and showed it to the fans.

ARMY also tried their best to show their love towards BTS by showing their passion and spirit clearly throughout the show. They kept supporting and doing fanchants without missing a single beat. The fan projects they had prepared were also succeed.

Two hours and half passed and for the last ment, BTS  prepared another heartwarming message to ARMY in Indonesian language again such as “Aku sayang kalian. Sampai nanti (I love you all, see you again)”, “Aku harap bisa sering bertemu dengan kalian (I hope I can see you often), “Jakarta juga sangat indah (Jakarta is beautiful too)”, “Kepada ARMY Indonesia yang tercinta, kalian adalah sayap kami, berkat kalian kami bisa terbang. Mari kita terbang bersama. Sayap. (To beloved ARMY, you are our wings, because of you we can fly. Let’s fly together. Wings)”, “Terima kasih atas kenangan yang indah, aku akan kangen kalian (Thank you for the beautiful memories, I will miss you)”, “Aku sangat terharu atas perasaan kalian, terima kasih Indonesia ARMY (I am so moved by your feelings, thank you Indonesian ARMY)”, “Sayang sekali waktunya sudah mau habis, aku harap konser ini tidak akan selesai, iya kan? (Too bad it is nearly the end, I hope this concert will not end, right?). Along with the ment, some of the Army spotted crying as they did not want the night to end.

Just like what J-Hope said, “Army is BTS’ wings” and because of Army, BTS can fly high in the sky. So, let’s keep supporting these 7 boys and fly high together with them in the future too.

See you again, boys!

Written by: Jesica Hawari

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