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[Exclusive Interview] So Ji Sub Talk About His Acting Career and Meeting Indonesian Fans For The 1st Time

Just in three weeks, you’ll finally be able to meet your favorite actor So Ji Sub whose you have been waiting for a long time! KoreanUpdates honored for being able to interview the 39 years old actor before he finally lands in Jakarta.

So Ji Sub is well known for his acting through this 20 years of his debut with many dramas and movies. Dealing with different directors, scriptwriter, actor, and actresses, So Ji Sub shared that he can’t directly pointing who’s the one he want to work together with again as they’re all great directors and actors. His long time running career also lead him to do several characters that can be a reversion one to another. To overcome his difficulties ‘living’ in the character, he usually discuss with the director or he even find it by him self in the story as the filming continues.

Being able to act in different genre of dramas and movies, So Ji Sub surely know how Korean dramas and movies are appealing to viewers and receive much love. “One common base of all genre (romantic comedy, action, historical, and others) is ‘love’,” is the reason why people like and find them interesting according to the actor.

Going international is just one of the dreams that every actors and actresses want. Regarding this, So Ji Sub did not have any particular country, where he want to do his project. Experiencing different culture through different project which is not specified will be more fun for him.

At last, we asked him about his first time visiting Jakarta. Even though it’ll be his first time landing in Jakarta, it’s surely not the first time for him going around Asia to meet his fans. So Ji Sub send his gratitude for everyone for welcoming him in their home countries in Asia and he find it memorable that people are supportive and kind to him. When we asked about his thought about Indonesian fans, he shared, “As much as fans are excited to meet me, I am excited to meet them in Jakarta. This is my first time in Jakarta and I am sure we’ll have a great time together.

Yes we’re sure we gonna have a great time together with you So Ji Sub!

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