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My Annoying Brother: A 110 Minutes of Laughs and Tears Movie


When you first heard about the title ‘My Annoying Brother’ and poster, you might think this is a full comedy story with that annoying character in life. But turns out, this is not just about the annoying brother, but also their family bond, their up and down in life, and value of your life.

Doo Young (Do Kyung Soo) was originally a Judo athlete who has a chance to win a gold medal. But unfortunate thing happen, he lost his sight during an international event. As he locked him self in his own dark room, his brother Doo Sik (Jo Jung Suk) who’s in the prison use him to get paroled and being freed at once.

The whole story began here as Doo Young must deal with his swindler brother to get thru. Doo Sik once don’t care about his blind brother but gradually getting closer. He lend a hand to help Du Young dealing with his blindness and to overcome his fear with the world as he turned blind. Doo Sik and Du Young’s previous coach (Park Shin Hye) once again convinced him to start another Judo career in Paralympic Olympiad. Even though he hesitant at first, his competitive spirit overcome his fear and begin to do the sport he love once again.

As the unfortunate thing is not enough for Doo Young, he must face another bitter truth about his brother. But let me just cut it up till here and you better find out what will happen to this brother-ship starting from December 21 at CGV Blitz.


Even though the story line is kindly a simple unfortunate events which keep happening around the lead actor, both Do Kyung Soo and Jo Jung Suk’s acting conquer the whole story line and the bond between them is shown that strong. The film present you a comedy that will make you jump from your seat but also a sadness that will make you take another tissue. This might me expected as the writer is the same as Miracle in Cell No. 7, Yu Young Ah, the story which force you to use lot of tissue while watching it.

To put it at last, I must once again praise Do Kyung Soo’s acting as a blind person. Knowing that he originally started his career as an idol, but he proves that he’s not just another idol-turned-actor. No one can ever doubt Jo Jung Suk’s acting ability, his solid acting as the annoying brother bring his character to alive. This light movie is fit to close this year of 2016 and bring your friend/family to enjoy with. Also don’t forget to bring tissue with you (I have warned you).

They might never expected to meet again, but they also never expected they needed each other and their meeting is the path for Doo Young to regain his self confidence to face the world once again.

Last, we would like to thank Jive Movies and CGV Blitz for the invitation of the screening and to make it able for Indonesia fans to watch this entertaining movie.

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