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[KOREA JOA 2016] DAY 8: K-Beauty, Meeting VIXX, BIBAP! and Farewell Party!

Today is the last day of KOREA JOA 2016 Activity, tomorrow we will heading back to our own countries. We have so many exciting things to do.


We went to Gangnam to a beauty salon called Foresta by AVEDA. It is a popular lifestyle salon by famous hairstylist, Jae Myeong Jung. His client include actor Seo Kang Joon.


We got treated with hand massage to moisturize our hands, it smells good!


So Mr. Jae Myeong Jung, is giving us a hairstyle class and knowledge about hair. Including how you must always use conditioner and vitamin for your hair, because once your hair is broken, it is difficult and expensive to fix it.


Our friend at Tencent, got the chance for a hair makeover, and Andy from SBS POP ASIA, also given the chance to change his hairstyle to match his job as host of SBS POP ASIA.


After that we moved to K-make up class, our friend at VIKI got the chance have a make up of an idol. The result; it is amazingly great! She looks prettier! Girls, make up is really important!


Because we were on the rush to meet VIXX, we had our lunch, a sandwich inside our bus, excited to meet VIXX for the 2nd time!! Yes, I did an interview with them last year when I was in Singapore for their UTOPIA concert. As most of us, media knows that VIXX will always show us their ‘charismatic’ side, so less smile, except for N! (bias alert). N even thank us for coming to Korea to interview them.

So I asked them a question; what is your future goal?

Ravi: I want to make a better music for our group.

Leo: I want to be a greater performer on the stage, and I want to be happier.

Hongbin: I want to be successful in both my acting and music career.

N: I want to try so manly character in drama or movie.

Ken: As a member of VIXX, I hope that VIXX can stay as long as possible as a group, As for myself, I have an interest in Musical, and if I have an opportunity, I want to sing my song in foreign country (Musical)

Hyuk: I want to be a really good singer and I want to be a great entertainer both as an actor and as a musician.


Fighting VIXX! And here is the greetings from VIXX to Indonesian Fans!

After meeting VIXX and take a group photo with them, we moved to Insa-dong to cover this area, but I don’t really walk around Insadong much, because I did visit this area a few time during my last visits to Korea. Basically here you can find traditional Korean stuffs, also every store in this area is in Korean, including Starbucks.


Then we walk to BIBAP! Theatre to see the most delicious musical, BIBAP!. It was a very funny and interactive musical about food, they did interact with audience, two of our friends got pick up to be on stage, it was a fun experience to see. After the show, we had a chance to ask them questions, I asked them, Do you have conflict between actors? How do you solve it? And you know what the director answered that the actors didn’t have conflict, but I have problem with them because they are dating each other, and if the female cast was away for maternity leave, I have a headache. We laughed.


You should see their performance in Korea if you have the budget and have time. It is a funny show!


Then to end the night, we are going to a barbecue restaurant, that is so famous for their pork belly until you need to make a reservation. The pork is so beautifully delicious, juicy, tasty and melts in your mouth! Eat it with beer and soju as your drink, well I drink beer and cider. It is a farewell party, the last dinner. We took tonnes of wefie.


It was an amazing experience, and really grateful to KOFICE who invited me and one of the opinion leader. I’m thankful, because I can be part of the best trip I have ever had. I hope KoreanUpdates can get invited to Korea again.


Thank You! KOFICE!


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