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GOT7 1st Press Conference and Fanmeeting in Indonesia, A Memorable One!

GOT7 is the latest boy group from JYP Entertainment who has been receiving lots of love from Korean music fans, both domestic and international. Since their debut in 2014, GOT7 constantly releases songs until latest hit, “If You Do” which gave them their first music show trophies and just released winter present,”Confession Song”, which is a sweet story about love confession.

Below are what we heard from the seven boys at press conference of their very first fanmeeting in Indonesia;

What do you think about this first visit to Indonesia?
JB: We feel very grateful for the warm welcome we received here and on our way from airport to hotel I saw Jakarta as a very beautiful city.

Do you have any plan to visit Indonesia again in the future?
Bambam: If there is any chance to visit Indonesia again in the future, we would gladly to visit again for sure. And we are going to have Asia tour next year, we hope we will get the chance to visit Indonesia again.
JR: If we are planning to go here again, we will surely let you know.

GOT7 Press Conference in Jakarta - KoreanUpdates 2

What is your most favorite Indonesian food or that you want to try?
JB: Didn’t you eat something last night (to Bambam)?
Bambam: Ah right, last night I ate something. I don’t remember what was it called…it’s like….poubur bayam?
(Media: bubur ayam!)
Bambam: You know what is it right? Yeah it’s really good!
JB: Nasi goreng is famous too, I’d like to try.

What is your plan in the near future?
JB: Yeah, firstly because we have just released our repackaged album “Confession Song”, so we hope a lot of people will support and listen to it. In the future we want to produce even better album, so we hope people can anticipate it.

Press conference ended shortly after which followed by Hi-5 and photo session events and the fanmeeting officially started at 6PM.

Concert opened at exactly 6PM with introduction VTR of GOT7’s seven members and they finally stood on stage with “Stop, Stop It” which followed by their debut song “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Boys walked out the stage and MC opened the night by asking fans to scream out loud seven members’ names.

GOT7 1st Fanmeeting in Jakarta - KoreanUpdates

MC then welcomed GOT7 back to the stage where they formally did introduction IGOT7 in the hall. Both JB and Youngjae then added their thanks to Indonesian fans who showed their enthusiasm to this first fanmeeting and maknae Yugyeom expressed his feeling by saying “I FEEL GOOD!!” in English. Yugyeom also sang a little bit complete with a quick dance performance.

After introduction and short Q&A, MC announced that there will be in total 21 lucky fans who can join GOT7 on stage by playing three different games, 7 fans join in each, along the two hours event. The first game was musical chair where 7 fans and GOT7 members competed to sit in less numbered of chairs while “Girls, Girls, Girls” played in background. They played for 4 rounds with less chairs for each round and the final lucky fan who won the game got to take a picture with all members.

First game is done and GOT7 performed once again by bringing tis year’s song “Just Right” while fans throwing their first fan project of the night “Kami Sayang GOT7 (We Love GOT7)”. With surely no intention to questioned their fans’ love, GOT7 then sang “If You Do” where they changed drastically from their cheerful selves in “Just Right” performance to sexily angry, matured ones.

Members took some time off while fans delightfully watched MV of “If You Do” before GOT7 got back on stage with the MC. MC then asked the Yugyeom, whom fans chose as best dancer, to show his skill off with Jackson’s beatbox as companion. MC questioned members about “If You Do” MV making episode, where they asked to choose which member did hardest work while making the MV. JB said actually they were all working hard for the video, but Bambam did the hardest work because of his constant car hitting, so he asked Bambam to reenact the scene where he forcefully show his anger to the poor dumped cars. With the help of Jackson and Jr. who acted as the car, Bambam humorously acted his scene again by hitting Jr. lightly.

When asked about how they feel about Indonesian fans, Youngjae cutely screamed in English that Indonesian fans are awesome. Jr. said his feeling couldn’t be described with words, so Mark helped him by suggesting to express it by performing song instead. Surprisingly, this was just another reason for Jr. to give Indonesian fans present by specially singin Indonesian song “Mau Dibawa Kemana” (originally by Armada”) with his cute and almost perfect pronounciation. Fans were singing along with him and the hall became one in that short special moment.

After that, another game held for another 7 lucky fans and this time is telepathy game where fans and members partnered up in duo to test their telepathy strength in picking up the same flag color. They were divided into 3 different cycles where teams were competing with each other to get three best partners. Jackson, Bambam, and their partners competed for final round which then gave the victory to Bambam and fan partner. The lucky fan who won the game then took a picture with all members of GOT7.

Final game was played by another 7 lucky fans where they shook the infamous pedometer in partner with GOT7 members. All 7 fans got different numbers in their pedometer which then added with their GOT7 partner to decide the last winner. Jackson and partner then won the game and his beautiful partner joined the list of beautiful lucky fans who took picture with GOT7 members tonight.

The warm and fun night was getting closer to the end when members said their final words of the night. Youngjae said, “I’m really happy today and I hope we (GOT7) can visit Indonesia again”. Bambam thanked Indonesian fans and said they will come back again soon, hopefully in their Asia tour next year. He apologized for his writing mistake on his Instagram post just before their flight to Indonesia. Yugyeom ended with another “I feel so good to be here” before fans threw another project for his birthday on November 17. While lifting up banners say “Happy Birthday Yugyeom Oppa”, fans inside the hall sang birthday song in Indonesian language to Yugyeom and he gifted with both birthday cake and Indonesian Nasi Tumpeng. He thanked fans and along with other members blew the candles before MC bid farewell.

GOT7 1st Fanmeeting in Jakarta - KoreanUpdates 2

Indonesian fans must feel so special because GOT7 then sang their newest song “Confession Song” for the very first time here after releasing it just 5 days before on November 23. The sweet confession then followed by “Magnetic”and “Bounce” which increased the hype inside the hall. GOT7 then abruptly walked out the stage after saying their goodbyes before fans asking for encore. GOT7 then officially closed the night with remix version of “A”.

We could feel fans enjoying the event tonight and it was heartwarming to see all fans following the planned project which made it successful and we hope it could reach GOT7 members’ hearts too. The only unfortunate thing from today’s fanmeeting might be from MC who made the stage and events felt unorganized for times. We got to see the adorable sides of GOT7 members, especially Mark who was ignored by the MC especially when he actually intended to ask Jr. to sing the special Indonesian song. He had to asked a couple of times until finally got the attention to make Jr. performs. And when the stage looked like crowded and members had to help the MC to organize the game event. Overall both GOT7 members and IGOT7 were sweet eventhough for some times fans showed too much energy and we couldn’t hear properly both the MC and GOT7 until they asked us to hear them, but other than that we fully enjoyed the night and we hope GOT7 can fulfill both their and our wish to see them again soon in Indonesia, hopefully on their solo concert with bigger stage where all fans can see clearly.

See you -hopefully- next year, GOT7!

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  1. khairina (Raina) // December 4, 2015 at 2:56 PM // Reply

    Anyeong!!!My name is Khairina.From Malaysia.GOT7 Please come Malaysia ^^
    Saranghaeyo!!!Hwaiting ~


  2. Siti QASRINA // December 4, 2015 at 1:25 PM // Reply

    Hello my name is SITI QASRINA.I’m from Malaysia…
    To Got 7…
    I hope your new album is good and I excited to listen!!


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