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BEAST “Ordinary” Fanmeet in Singapore, An Unforgettable Experience for B2UTIES!

Three years of waiting and finally BEAST is back to Singapore for a fan meeting! During the fan meeting, some lucky fans were invited to play games with Beast members.  The members were asked to play quiz which the questions are about the Singapore and poor leader Doojoon turned to be the ultimate loser. The punishment will be a “hit” by each of his lovely members.  After the quizzes, they continue with their songs – Rainy days, I Think I Love You.

BEAST FANMEET IN SG 9 - KoreanUpdates

Definitely a fan meeting without any interaction with idols, is not a fan meeting. Fans who were chosen before the starting for the fan meeting, will be playing the games with the members pairing up with them.  The fans has to guess what song did the member humming, it’s really difficult for them and you can see  Dongwoo is disturbing Yoseob by singing “Let it go”. The winner of this game is Junhyung, and fan who paired up with him is lucky enough to get a selfie with him.

BEAST FANMEET IN SG 1 - KoreanUpdates

The boyband- Beast has certainly gives the B2UTY a good and memorable night.  Oversea fans from Malaysia, Hong Kong came over to Singapore just to attend the fan meeting. The members were thankful for the loves that Singapore B2UTY gave them and promised that they will certainly come back to Singapore soon.

KoreanUpdates also given the opportunity to do a short and quick interview with BEAST, you can read the interview here.

KoreanUpdates is honoured to be the official online media and would like to thank Three Angles Production and IME SG for the invitation.

More photos on our facebook: click here.

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