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Exclusive interview with VIXX: sincere and witty answers to Jjangers

Exclusive interview with VIXX was held in CROWNE PLAZA Changi on 28 May 2015. KoreanUpdates started the interview with “What does VIXX mean to you?” and Ravi answered thoughtfully. “VIXX is our starting point, we have meaningful moments together and we will continue being VIXX in the future.”


From left to right, their seating arrangement was Ravi, Leo, Hongbin, N, and Hyuk; Ken was not present because of a schedule. They took turns in answering the questions, and for the question, “What do you want to do as a group, but have yet to do it until now?” N answered “Instead of what we have yet to accomplish, I would like to see them as things we want to try. We would love to try many things, including getting a daesang, breaking the record for being the first for many weeks, or going on a holiday together. Even if we are busy at the moment, we are getting closer to our goals.”


Hongbin answered our question of “How different do you think your lives would have been if you were not in VIXX?”, he said, “If I were not in VIXX, I would have been spending my time practicing things related to musical.”


As VIXX is known as “concept” group, upon being asked of which concept is the most memorable to them, Hyuk replied it is their vampire concept as they prepared for it a lot.

The last question before their greetings for KoreanUpdates’ readers and followers was if they were given a whole month to do whatever they like, what would they like to do; while Leo answered he wanted to have a holiday with VIXX members and with his family, Ravi went with “I will invest in buying some land in Cheongdam-dong area” that made everyone laughed because it was one witty remark he threw with serious face. Cheongdam-dong is located in Gangnam area known for its high price of land and which houses prestigious business offices and several big entertainment agencies in South Korea.


The interview was wrapped up by KoreanUpdates’ giving the prepared gift to VIXX and they looked genuinely surprised and happy to receive it. We asked them to hold the present and greet KoreanUpdates’ readers and followers, check out the mentioned gift and a preview of the greetings on our Instagram 😉

The video greetings from VIXX to KoreanUpdates Readers and Followers

Thank You Three Angles Production for giving us another opportunities to interview VIXX, thank you Jellyfish! Thank You VIXX!

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