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A memorable night of VIXX’ Utopia in Singapore

It was definitely a night of Utopia for the sea of Starlights present at the Singapore stop of VIXX’ solid 2 hour dynamic and fun filled concert held at the Max Pavilion last weekend. Much to the delight of the local Starlights in Singapore, it was the 6 charming boys first visit to the sunny island and they undoubtedly made a memorable one as they were in town for their last leg of their concert journey; after successfully completing it in various countries such as New York, Tokyo, Manila, Los Angeles since their first stop in Seoul.


With an impressive line-up of approximately 20 songs of diversified genres packed for the concert, they clearly live up to their name of being “concept-dols” and this certainly showcased how well the boys were able to pull off the various concepts, showing off their different sides. Hence, despite of the simplicity of the stage set up, the concert was still splendid.


The long-awaited night started off with their hit songs and signature dark concept like “On and On”, “Light up the Darkness” and “Voodoo Doll”, which helped them soar to fame as they clinched their first win with this addictive song paired with an outstanding choreography.

After a short talk and introduction, Ken kicked off the start of the string of solo stages. He definitely proved himself as one of the group’s main vocalists as he touched the hearts of many with his beautiful cover of a popular song; Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. The group’s charismatic rapper, Ravi then followed up with his self-composed song, “Ghost” which showcased his fierce and impressive rap performance dressed in a black feathery coat and gold chains. Maknae Hyuk then brought a romantic and spring-like atmosphere with his rendition of Jeff Bernat’s “Call You Mine”. Despite being the youngest, he certainly did not lose out to his older brothers as he brought out his youthful charms and made the audience screamed in excitement as he ended off his heart-tugging serenade with an “I love you”.


The packed venue became even more heated as VIXX continued with another series of group performances with cheery songs like “Say U Say Me” and “Rock Your Body”, bringing out yet another side of them. The atmosphere was then slowed down with mesmerizing ballads like “Love Letter” and “Someday” which certainly captured the hearts of the audience as they belted out the songs filled with emotions. As the ballads were being performed, the passionate Starlights also prepared heart-warming fan projects like banners with a touching message written on it dedicated for each ballad. It was definitely a heartening sight to see the fans being united as they held up the banners proudly while swaying to the smoothing music.

Between the many performances, VIXX also took the opportunity of the short intervals to bring out their adorable and witty sides. One highlight was undeniably the short dance battle where each them showcased their individual talents. Ravi started off with a shoulder dance, followed by Ken with an aegyo-filled freestyle, Leo then did a spin-kick before turning away in embarrassment; Hyuk the Maknae then did a cute butt shake and finishing it off with a sexy body wave; Hong Bin showed off his neck stretching dance (literally) but leader N probably stole the show with his innovative and adorable tickling heart dance which drove the crowd wild.

The concert then proceeded on with the remaining solo stages, starting off with Leo who emotionally belted out his self composed song titled, “Words to Say”. Hong Bin then brought out a thrilling and expressive dance performance paired with the use of dramatic videos which followed his movements. N then finished off the series of solos dressed in full black and blindfolded combined with a grateful yet sexy choreography, showing off his charismatic side.

Clad in a golden outfit, VIXX then appeared as a group to perform yet another streak of powerful dance performances like “Hyde”, “Beautiful Killer”, “Eternity” and “Error”. Even though the concert is approaching the end, fan chants were still growing strong as it echoes through the venue, and it was very well in-sync with the beat and lyrics of the song.

As the night approaches the end, VIXX completed their encore with an upbeat and exciting atmosphere with hit songs such as their latest track “Love Equation”, followed by “You’re My Girl from Now On”. The enthusiasm of passionate Starlights sure has not died down as they started to stand up from their seats (some even stood on their seats!), dancing and jumping in tune to the beat of the songs.

Utopia SG KoreanUpdates 6

Before the final song, the group expressed their desire to return and mentioned about how touched they were by the warm welcome here in Singapore. The members constantly showed their appreciation and love for their Starlights through eye-contacts and hearts formed with their hands and fingers, as the last song, “G.R.8.U” was sung. The boys surely couldn’t bear to leave as they reappeared on the 2nd floor of the stage while continuously waving to the Starlights below who held their fan banners up high. In addition, Hong Bin was even spotted holding a camera recording the entire process! The 120 minutes long event then ended with an exclusive hi-touch event for VIP ticket holders.

VIXX had surely captured the hearts of the audience, fans and non-fans alike with their remarkable vocals and refreshing yet synchronized choreography, topping it off with witty tactics and a good sense of humor. Like the Starlights, we look forward to VIXX’s next visit – probably with a new album or even a new concert tour!

Korean Updates would like to extend our sincere thanks to Three Angles Production for organizing VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore and also for the media invitation.

Korean Updates is proud to be one of the official supporting online media for VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore. Head on to our Facebook page for more photos from the event and do follow our Twitter for more K-Pop updates!

By Singapore Representative Zen

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