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Sam Releases New Single “Wish I Never Had”! Steals Hearts with Amazing Voice and Great New Look!

On April 20th Sam will be coming back with his 4th new single “Wish I Never Had”

On April 16th, Sam pleasantly surprised his fans with the release of the teaser of his new single “Wish I Never Had” on his Facebook account. In the music video, Sam shows a variety of different looks. His sweet voice cocktailed with his soft strokes of the piano are very appealing to his female fans. His plain simple white shirt look coupled with his grown out facial hair compliment the mood of the song very well.

“Wish I Never Had” is a self-written, produced, and edited piece. He first handedly took part in all aspects of the song to display his fundamentals of being a singer/songwriter.

Mnet’s Voice of Korea has produced successful female vocalists such as Son Seung Yun and Lee Yae Jun. However, Voice of Korea has yet to produce a recognized male vocalist. With Sam’s comeback, people are looking forward to see if Sam will be the first male artist from Voice of Korea to create a name for himself.

On 2012’s Mnet Voice of Korea, Sam captured the attention of viewers with his tall height, good looks and his beautiful voice. He also displayed his talents while being mentored on the show by Shin Seung Hoon who Sam later shared to be one of his idols. His soulful voice and hardworking antics create much anticipation for his upcoming album.

Regardless, on April 20th, Sam’s comeback with his 4th single “Wish I Never Had” is a testament to where hard work and perseverance can take people.

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