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“Twenty” will Premiere in the US this April 17th!

The movie which stars Kim Woo Bin, 2PM’s Junho, and Kang Ha Neul is going to be release in North America as well.

The trio’s movie, “Twenty,” is a box-office hit in South Korea. It was released on March 25 and was watched by millions of movie-goers. Now, the comedy movie about the adventures of 3 friends in their 20’s is spreading to America and it is being anticipated by KPOP fans there.

It will be shown in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Toronto, and a few other states more. The screening will run from April 17 at April 25 in popular movie houses in the mentioned cities.

“Twenty” tells about the lives of 3 friends who all just turned 20. They are preparing for their future but they are being hampered by problems commonly encountered by youngsters their age.


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