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Epik High is Heading to North America for a Concert Tour

Epik High is returning to North America to stage a series of concerts in some of its major cities.

The group is scheduled to kickoff the tour on May 28 via a performance in San Francisco. From there, the trio will head to L.A., New York, Dallas, Vancouver, and Toronto. Fans may start buying tickets as early as April 15.

The Epik High’s North American concert tour is being organized and promoted by SIVA Group. The agency is also giving fans a chance to make a request for Epik High’s appearance in their own city. All that fans need to do is tweet the location and use the hashtag #EpikHighTour, then they will see if they can add the nominated location to the tour!

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2 Comments on Epik High is Heading to North America for a Concert Tour

  1. [zest][아리] // April 9, 2015 at 11:41 AM // Reply

    Glad to see your name on posts again Louise ^^

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    2015. 4. 9. 오전 10:26 작성:

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    • Actually, I’ve been missing doing this the whole time..just couldn’t find time to do it. It feels good to be posting again..really..~~


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