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[Press Conference] 2PM Go Crazy Live in Jakarta 2015

2PM once again greet their fans in Indonesia with their latest tour “Go Grazy” to commemorate their newest album with the same title.

The press conference it self held a day before the concert and 2PM (especially Jun.K and Taecyeon) actively answering media’s questions. 2PM had been together and active for 8 years and Taecyeon proudly said his fashion sense is change and he become a fashionista. Hearing this answer, one media showed “X” revealing how she disagree with his answer and whole 2PM laughing because of it.

While asked about the favorite track from “Go Crazy” album, Nichkhun and Chansung answered “비가와” / “It’s Raining”, while Wooyoung said “Pull and Pull”. Junho answered his fave song is “Love is True” which is his duet song with Nichkhun. Taecyeon showed his love for Jun.K by answering “My fave track is Go Crazy” and hi five-ing Jun.K.

2PM glad that they’re coming back to Indonesia to meet Indonesian Hottest and during press conference they said they’ve prepared a lot for the concert several months. Once they’re asked if there’s a possibility to do recording in Indonesia for Indonesian song, or any musicians they wanted to collaborate with, Taecyeon surely do a small research about Indonesian music. From his small research he found out that Indonesians like ballad song and he watch ST12 music video and it’s good. He said he want to do a collaboration with ST12 and asking the media if we knew or meet them, Taecyeon send his support and, “tell them that I’m fan of them.” As some media said “no” Taecyeon asked “Hajima?” (Don’t?) while Junho and Jun.K added, “if you guys said no, so let Taecyeon do it himself (to collaborate with ST12)”.

During the press conference, they also revealed that Park Jin Young (JYP) praised Jun.K’s ability to compose a song. He said that it’s even better. His skill improved after more than 10 years joining JYP. When they’re asked if they want to visit Indonesia for holiday, Junho asked the media “what’s your recommendation?” in the end Lombok was selected and he said he want to visit Lombok with 2PM.

Future plan after this concert?

Taecyeon answered that 2PM will focus to Japanese first and then coming back with new album in Korea about June or July 2015. The rest? “비밀이에요..” (It’s secret).

Well, we can’t wait for the new album from 2PM and we would like to thank Enstar Entertainment for bringing 2PM back in Jakarta. We can’t wait for the next event too!

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