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[FEATURE] Five reasons why Leeteuk is the best leader

A K-pop group just won’t be complete without the presence of a leader. In fact, a leader is always needed to control and manage the team.
Leeteuk of Super Junior has been praised as one of the best leaders among idols. He has not only led Super Junior for more than ten years but has also taken care of his members like his own brothers.
As a leader, Leeteuk has five qualities that makes everyone respect him.
A quality of leadership is a must have for team leaders, and that is exactly what Leeteuk has naturally. As a leader, Leeteuk does not always lead from the front, but also watch over from behind to let the other members shine more.
 “Because the leader has to listen to all the members’ opinions. Leeteuk is never biased and treats everybody equally. He even lets them lead when the need arises,” said Kyuhyun about Leeteuk’s leadership role.

The leader title does not make Leeteuk become arrogant, instead he has shown that a leader need to be humble, not only to other people but also to his own team.
Kyuhyun has said that the secret behind their good teamwork is actually Leeteuk.
“He gives us more opportunities, and he himself stays humble. The reason behind our good teamwork is Leeteuk.”

Hard worker

People always say that a leader has to work twice as hard as his team. Leeteuk shows this by continually monitoring his fellow members, whether it is in solo performance, variety show appearance and other activities.

Heechul, the member who is the same age as Leeteuk, even asked him to not hold all the responsibility by himself but lean on other members too.
“Park Jungsoo is always tired because of the 12 members. Man, you can’t cry by yourself. When you’re tired, lean on us, okay?” said Heechul to Leeteuk during one of their interview.
Having to lead an idol group for a long time does not make Leeteuk tired or become a pessimist, especially with all the bad news. He gives strength to his group by staying positive and believing that his group will survive for a long time.
“Many people said we are nearing the end, but I believe that this is a brand new story,” he said.
Treats his group like a family
The last leader quality possessed by Leeteuk is seen in the way he treats all the members like a family and younger brothers. Leeteuk has not only become a leader but also a brother that the members can lean on.
“I never know what leadership is. All I know is how to keep Super Junior as one family,” he said.
With all his qualities above, it is no wonder that Super Junior are still around even after 10 years.

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