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Lee Dong Gun Willing To Do Everything For Drama ‘Super Daddy Yeol’

tvN’s latest drama ‘Super Daddy Yeol’ is Lee Dong Gun’s new work after he was on hiatus for two years. The 34-year-old actor last acted in KBS’s drama ‘Marry Him If You Dare’.

In the upcoming drama, he will portray a man who has not been dating for ten years, named Han Yeol. He is willing to do anything, so he could perfectly portray this type of character that he has never tried before.

“I consider this as a challenge because I am trying to do something that I’ve never done before. I will do anything to become Han Yeol,” he said at the drama’s press conference, as quoted by Ilgan Sports.

This actor-singer looked enthusiastic to act in the drama that is directed by Song Hyeon Woook. He hoped the audience would be moved by its storyline.

“I’ve decided to let got of everything I have and become funny. I want us to become friendly and so comfortable for the audience and later move their hearts with its touching storyline,” he continued.

The drama is about Han Yeol who has not dated for ten years because he was rejected by his first love, and single mother Cha Mi Rae who works as a doctor and also his first love. Due to some unknown reason, she looked for him, and plans to make him as her only daughter’s father.

The drama that is adapted from a webtoon is also starring Lee Yoo Ri, Lee Re, Seo Jun Young, Seo Ye Ji, and Park Joo Hyung. ‘Super Daddy Yeol’ is scheduled to premiere on March 13.

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