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Wu Yi Fan Will Join Chinese WGM Titled “We Love Each Other”

Starting from April 2015, Jiangsu Satellite TV will air the Chinese version of “We Got Married”. The show will be titled “We Love Each Other” with the same concept and segments.

Ex-EXO member, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) will be one of the cast, paired with Yan Tang. The show will also include Lu Xu, Chinese model Wen Liu, and Taiwanese actor which popular through “Meteor Garden”, Jerry Yan. With Wu Yi Fan joining the show, this gained much anticipation as well as Yan Tang known as ‘Male God Specialist’ with her collaborations with Wallace Chung, Hawick Lau, and Li Yi Feng.

Previously there are rumors stating that Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk are going to join the show. However, both denied it.

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3 Comments on Wu Yi Fan Will Join Chinese WGM Titled “We Love Each Other”

  1. Please check the truth first,, this news unconfirmed yet!!!!


  2. I’m so excited !!!! go baby Kris, go ! ;p


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