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[FEATURE] Here Are Super Chefs Among Idols

Living alone and far from parents have forced idols to live independently when they became trainees and even after made their debut.

In order to live independently they need to master some life skills, such as cleaning houses or dorms, washing and ironing clothes, tidying and arranging their belongings, and above all cooking.

These idols are known to be great cooks, some of them are even acknowledged for their cooking skills by being invited to participate in the prestigious cooking competition ‘MasterChef Korea Celebrity’, then there are also some celebrities who have been hiding their talent all along.

Once again this proves that idols are not only able to dance and sing, but also have other great skills. Here are some idols who happen to also be phenomenal chefs:

1. Miss A’s Fei

This Haikou (China) born idol’s cooking skills has brought her to the final stage of ‘MasterChef Korea Celebrity’. Although she had to make do with second spot, it is still a great achievement.

Her great skills in using knives has even impressed one of the juries, Kim So Hew, who later offered the miss A vocalist to work at her famous restaurant.

Fei, who initially was not used to Korean food, also participated in variety shows ‘Cook King Korea’ and ‘I Am Legend’, where she once again flaunted her skills in mixing ingredients into mouth watering dishes.

*video cut fei at masterchef :

2. Super Junior M’s Henry

Henry also appeared in ‘MasterChef Korea Celebrity’ with miss A’s Fei. The 25 year-old idol learned how to use knives and cook to prepare for his role in the movie ‘Final Recipe’, where he played a young chef who is going to participate in an international cooking competition to save his grandpa’s restaurant.

Henry was complimented for his great skills in firing up a wok. Judges Kang Leo, Kim So Hee, and Noh Hee Young said he looked like an expert who had done it many times.

*video cut henry at masterchef:

3. 2PM’s Taecyeon

ThE 2PM rapper became associated with cooking after joining variety show ‘3 Meals A Day’ with actor Lee Seo Jin, where they had to cook three meals (breakfast, lucnch and dinner) a day by using ingredients that they could find around their house.

He cooked kimchi fried rice, dumpling soup, kimchi pancake, red-bean glutinous rice, and spicy fish soup, all prepared without MSG or other non-organic ingredients.

Taecyeon also appeared as a guest star on variety show ‘Roommate’ and cooked for all its house residents. He was also partnered up with Song Ji Hyo in a cooking competition episode for  Running Man’s Lunar New Year special edition.

*video cut taecyeon at 3 meals a day:

4. SISTAR’s Bora

Bora’s hidden cooking talent was recently revealed on variety show ‘SISTAR’s Showtime’. At that time, she had to cook for her bandmates when they came to visit her house and asked her to cook them something.

The singer whose full name is Yoon Bora expertly took out kimchi and other ingredients from the fridge, and started to cook rice, soup, spicy pork stir-fry, and spicy noodle (bibimguksu).

*video cut bora :

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