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Sung Si Kyung Shares His Worries If He Ties a Knot

Sung Si Kyung has revealed his opinion on dating when he was recently interviewed by Korea JoongAng Daily.

As a ballad singer, he is considered a romantic who understands women’s feelings and know how to treat them well. However, he said no one completely understand their feelings because they are all different.

“No one can completely understand women’s feelings because they are all different,” said the singer who feels comfortable around women because he has an older sister.

The 35-year-old celebrity also revealed he was not a fan of blind dates, as what people often do in South Korea. However, he realized it becomes more difficult to meet new people.

“I don’t like set up meetings like blind dates. But, I’m impatient for love at first sight. It is getting more difficult to meet someone new,” he said.

When he was enquired about marriage, he felt his profession as a celebrity is his biggest priority. He viewed it would be easier if he was just a normal officer worker. The singer who has been nicknamed ‘Prince of Ballad’ was also unsure if he would still be loved by fans if he tied the knot.

“My biggest priority is my profession as a celebrity. If I were just a normal office worker, I could have a stable life after getting married. But, I wonder the public would continue to like me as a married man. But, at the same time I cannot give up to meet someone special and maintain love for a long time,” he concluded.

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