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Sandara Park reveals her hair transformation for ‘Dr. Ian’

Idol and actress Sandara Park from group 2NE1 has revealed her hair transformation for her role in webdrama ‘Dr. Ian’ as Lee Sodam.

She first posted her appearance as Lee Sodam through her Weibo account. Here, Lee Sodam is seen with messy brunette hair.

The older sister of Thunder then updated her transformation through her LINE Play diary, exposing another hair changing for Lee Sodam.

“My long hair cut was gorgeous (of course I’m using a fake extension kk) For So Dam role I only did simple transformation like dyeing my hair black, its just like the day before yesterday when I did my first shoot my heart was tremble that time.. ”

With the release date of ‘Dr. Ian’ approaching, Dara’s hint on her character surely adds more anticipation from her fans. The drama itself will start airing around end of March.

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