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Lovelyz become innocent girls in ‘Hi~’ video clip

Woollim Entertainment just released a video clip for Lovelyz’s latest single ‘Hi~’ on their official YouTube channel today, March 3.

In the music video, the idols appear as innocent and beautiful girls with charming smiles. The atmosphere and decoration in the video also depict colorful and cheerful youth. They look girly and sweet in white long-sleeved shirts, bright colored above knee skirts, and high heels that are matched with white socks.

Moreover, the six members also wore black knee-length dresses with a touch of laces on their collars and sleeves to add a little bit of victorian gothic style to make them look more feminine.

Lovelyz are scheduled to start promoting their latest single on this week’s music shows. However, there is no information when they will release the single yet.

Check out their cuteness on ‘Hi~’ music video here.

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