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Netizens Angered Over Kim Seo Eun Saying It’s Impossible to Date Song Jae Rim in Real Life

On a recent interview with a Chinese media, actress Kim Seo Eun was talking about her relationship with her virtual husband, Song Jae Rim.

She begun with mentioning how things have changed for her since she began filming We Got Married. She said, “After filming for the show, people are more familiar with me now. I feel like this is a big achievement for me.” She also commented about her virtual husband, saying that he is “Very humorous and bright,” making it easier for both parties to film for the show.

But now, a comment that she made next has left Korean netizens, particularly viewers of the show, angered. It is no other than the comment about how she thinks it is actually impossible for her and Song Jae Rim to date in real life. She explained that they both hardly got to meet outside the filming site, so she concluded as “I feel that it would be hard to actually develop feelings for a relationship.”

For this statement, some netizens showed anger and dislike of Kim Seo Eun through an online comment board. Some of their comments are, “For her to say it this blatantly, what does it make the viewers of the show? What does it make Song Jae Rim then?”, “She turned a virtual reality show into something that is totally fake,” I feel so bad for Song Jae Rim.. did she need to put it this way?”, and “Now when viewers watch her segment, they will know that she’s just acting.”

What do you think about this turn of story, Jjangers? Do you wish that she didn’t say it when the show is not over yet, just like the angered netizens?


4 Comments on Netizens Angered Over Kim Seo Eun Saying It’s Impossible to Date Song Jae Rim in Real Life

  1. She just said the TRUTH right??
    I don’t get why K Netizens have to throw that anger to her?
    Don’t they know that every tv program including WGM must have at least a script?

    How hopeless romantic are they..


  2. well what can i say nobodys perfect about so why make a big deal about all this well i know the show its just a show nobodys really dates and when people have good chemestry thats when all the rumors starts its not the first time its happens . but she was honest about it. its way more better than not being and shes is an actor that her job she should of said its an anothers words but NODODY IS PERFECT ! and i still keep watching its even what she said and cant wait for epsiode 19 🙂 kimsoeun fan 🙂


  3. It hurts me.


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