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Ode to My Father Indonesian Release in February

Ode to My Father (Korean title: 국제 시장 (Read: Gukje Sijang)), a best-selling South Korean movie first released in 2014 is to enter Indonesian theatres in February 2015. Starring Hwang Jung Min as Deok-soo, the protagonist, this movie brings us a touching story of a boy whose life is changed forever upon his promise to his father.

Ode To My Father - Indo ver1-1

Amid the chaos of refugees fleeing the Korean War in Hungnam Evacuation in December 1950, a young boy, Deok-soo, sees his fate change in the blink of an eye when he loses track of his younger sister and he leaves his father behind to find her. Settling at Gukje Market in Busan, Deok-soo devotes himself to his remaining family, working all manner of odd jobs to support them in place of his father. His dedication leads him first to the deadly coal mines of Germany, where he meets his first love, Youngja, and then to war-torn Vietnam in this powerful generational epic about one man’s personal sacrifices.

Director Yoon Je-kyoon, formerly known for his million-seller movie, Haeunde, said he “just wanted to talk about his father and his generation, who sacrificed themselves for their children.” As Ode to My Father reached 10 million viewers earlier this week, Director Yoon is the first of South Korean directors to achieve “million-seller” title for both of his movies and Ode to My Father becomes the fastest 10-million-viewer movie to date, gaining the title in less than a month after its first release on 17 December 2014.

Ode To My Father - Indo ver2-1

Ode to My Father was mostly shot in Busan, the hometown of Director Yoon, along with Czech Republic and Thailand. Soon after its release in home country, Ode to My Father brought 6,000 viewers in Los Angeles within four days; most of them are first generation Korean-American immigrants in their fifties. Continuing this success, the movie will travel through 43 cities in the US and Canada including New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, and Vancouver.

Jive Movies brings Ode to My Father to Indonesian viewers, marking its start for many Korean movies they prepare to show in 2015. While waiting for the release date on 18 February 2015, get more information of this movie at their official website and Facebook page. In February, aside of premiere in Indonesia, Ode to My Father is also scheduled to screen on 65th Berlin International Film Festifal. Check out the trailer of this highly anticipated movie:

Not only from TVXQ Yunho who played in it, the movie produced by JK Films and CJ Entertainment received much love and support from South Korean celebrities including EXO Chanyeol and f(x) Victoria who expressed that they feel touched by watching it.

Gugje (2)Gugje (1)














Stay tuned at @JiveMovies and @KoreanUpdates for Premiere tickets giveaway in early February. Cannot wait to watch Ode to My Father ^^

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