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Lee Hae Yong of Almeng Saved A Grandmother From An Assault

On January 8, singer Lee Hae Yong of Almeng did a good deed by saving an elderly woman from being assaulted.

That day, Lee was passing by on a road near Seoul’s Sillim Station after a meal in the morning when he saw a man hitting the 81 year old woman. The man appeared to be drunk and continue hitting the woman for no reason, although she was just picking up recyclables from the street previously. Lee didn’t stay put and decided to block the assailant, trying to ensure the safety of the grandmother until polices came. Fortunately, Lee managed to prevent her from suffering major injuries through this action.

For his act, Lee is expected to be given a reward in the form of appreciation letter and money. It was also revealed that he and his friends ever caught a molester during their school days. Regarding this, Lee responded, “It is not because I have a high sense of justice. It was in the morning and there were not many people. If someone else were to see this, I believe that he would just do the same thing .”

Lee Hae Yong is a part of duo Almeng, pair of K-Pop Star 3 contestants along with Choi Rin. The pair who made it to the Top 5 of the show had just released their debut album titled “compoSing of Love” on October last year, with the R&B title track “Phone in Love“.

1 Comment on Lee Hae Yong of Almeng Saved A Grandmother From An Assault

  1. What a good boy. He deserves more attention for this action.


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