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Myeongga Myeonok: Taste The Real Korean Food That You Never Eat Before

Myeongga Myeonok (명가면옥) literary means “a famous place for a family to gather and eat” is a famous Korean Restaurant that has an authentic Korean taste in their menu. One of it’s branch, opened in November 2013, is in Kelapa Gading, one of the famous place for food lovers. Different with any other Korean restaurant in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, Myeongga Myeonok Kelapa Gading serve the real taste of Korean cuisine, feels like you’re eating in Korea with the perfect ambiance.

Mr. Park as the President Director of Myeongga Myeonok Kelapa Gading introduce us the dishes which are unlikely known by Indonesian. Three layers of beef, Usamgyeop, is the simplest way to enjoy the beef. Galbitang and Sogalbichim have a totally different taste that you should try. While Galbitang have a light and savory taste, Sogalbichim give you a sweet and spicy taste that totally hit your tongue and addictive. The last and the recommended food from Myeongga Myeonok is their Mulnengmyun, the cold noodle which is rare to eat by Indonesian. Usually we eat the noodle right after it’s cooked and hot, but Mulnengmyun served with ice! Perfect food for the hot weather in Indonesia. The sweet taste comes from pear and apple will make you drink it down till the last drop. With an affordable price you can have these tasty Korean food starting from IDR 75.000 till IDR 300.000 with your friends. Definitely recommend the Sogalbichim and Mulnengmyun for your visit and it will take your to another visitation to this restaurant!

We’d like to thank Mr. Park for this opportunity as we can taste and learn about Korean table manner and history. Serving the real Korean taste, you can’t help but drooling over these delicious and tasty food from Myeongga Myeonok.

MGMOIngredients  UsamgyeopGalbitang  SogalbichimMulnengmyun

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