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TS Entertainment Release A Long Explanation Regarding B.A.P’s Lawsuit on Official Fancafe

Media and fans are already speculating about the truth behind this issue, TS Entertainment finally explains it in a long post on their official fancafe.

Summarizing their post, TS Entertainment denied the rumor about 9:1 profit distribution. TS Entertainment stated that TS got 6 while B.A.P members got 4. The reason why it’s low (the nominal) is because they use it for their MV equipment, outfit, and other promotional activities. TS Entertainment also revealed that they’re planning to make a comeback for B.A.P in January 2015 so they let them rest after Music Bank in Mexico (October 30th 2014). But then the lawsuit happens and it’s disturbing the schedule. They said that B.A.P agreed with the schedule, that’s why this lawsuit is surprising TS Entertainment.

This had been raising anger from fans as TS stated that they’re giving B.A.P rest time in 2 months before comeback in January 2015. Previously, B.A.P scheduled to have Japanese promotion, South America LOE and Japan LOE. This may revealed their super packed schedule for B.A.P in November and December 2014.

The full TS Statement

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