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TOP Media Sues 4 Netizens For Spreading Rumor About Buy-Back/’Sajaegi’ of Teen Top’s Album

TOP Media, the home of Teen Top recently reported to have sued 4 netizens that spreading false rumor about chart manipulation.

The lawsuit had been filed on October 2nd against 4 netizens. TOP Media confirmed it by saying, “We filed  lawsuit against 4 netizens who’s spreading false rumor about sajaegi when Teen Top’s album released on September. The police has caught them, some of them in their teens and twenties. As we had personal meeting, they said they’re reflecting on their actions and pleaded for mercy and we’re currently deciding it.” 

Teen Top topped the music charts and won some music shows with “Missing”. But some netizens raised suspicions of sajaegi/buy back album in order to manipulate the charts. The rumors are even get more serious after 2PM Jun.K left an ambiguous tweeted “Sajaegi? #EVERYBODYKNOWS”. After that Taecyeon calming down both sides, Hottests and Angels because of this issue.


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