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Producer of “All Shook Up” Musical To Take Legal Actions Against Megan Lee

Seems that this legal actions are now taking over the production team of “All Shook Up” Musical.

The reps of “All Shook Up” stated that Megan Lee left the production one sided. Without any proper discussion, she was absent from practice and avoided communication with them. King and I Company as the production team said that Megan Lee missed 2 practice sessions and not responding their calls. Then she sent one-sided statement that she’ll leave the cast.

The production team also explained that Megan Lee left without discussion from her agency, Soul Shop Entertainment. It was 3 days before the show and she left. It makes the concert have to be rescheduled. King and I Company will take legal actions because of this disgrace actions of Megan Lee and to prevent the same incident like this in the future.

While previous news, Megan Lee also files lawsuit against her agency to terminate contract. Megan Lee’s side stated that the singer (Megan Lee) was burdened, the label has higher position and using that to express unfair control on penalty fee and breaking the contract. Megan Lee had overseas schedule which is agreed by the label, but the label signed a contract with “All Shook Up” musical without Megan Lee’s agreement. They also used Megan Lee’s seal to create a bank account without her permission.

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