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Experience and Feel the Joy of Seoul’s Many Attractions First-hand! City of Seoul Presents Run@Seoul Week for Global Citizens

Ever wanted to take a look around the city of Seoul, but don’t have the time or money to spare?

The City of Seoul has launched a fun project named, Run@Seoul Week, which will allow people from all over the world to travel through Seoul – without needing to even leave their computer screens!

From November 19 to 23, 5 selected runners from the United States, China, Japan and Singapore will gather in Seoul for an awesome-packed 5-day running trip. Runners will be traveling with action cameras attached to their bodies, and their videos will be broadcasted live globally.

Those who watch the live streaming video on Run@Seoul website have the opportunity, as “controllers,” to give runners various missions to complete during their trip. Wherever the controller says to go, the runner will go, and all together the runners, controllers, and viewers will be able to experience every nook and cranny of Seoul. If you have never visited Seoul and always wanted to visit a special landmark or place you heard about, tell the runner to go there and you can experience it through video.

You can access the “Runner Live Streaming” channel and pick a runner. Then, you can give missions to the runner of your choice by using your SNS account. The controllers, after entering runner’s channel, will watch the runner’s trip broadcasted live and send real-time missions to them. The runners will choose the missions that they like and will carry them out. However, if your missions are inappropriate, they may be ruled out by administrator.

The controllers who give the best missions to the runners during the campaign period will have a chance to win various prizes, including round trip flight ticket to Seoul, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, action camera, camera and t-shirts.

controller prizes

Everyone is invited to participate as controllers or viewers during this special week. Run@Seoul Week will kick off tomorrow, November 19, at 10am, and the event will last six hours each day. Make sure to check out the Run@Seoul website,, for more details.

(Contents provided by Seoul Metropolitan Government)

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