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Race Start! Running Man Malaysia Press Conference

Asia’s most popular game show, Running Man casts have just arrived on Malaysian shores! Today, we had the golden opportunity to attend the press conference and the casts were a lively bunch. The press conference was held for 30 minutes and ended with a photo opportunity with the sponsors of the event. The members who came today were Haha, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Seok Jin. They were thanking the members of the media who came all the way for the event.



The highlights of the press conference are as below:

Q : What is your opinion on Running Man as an Asia sensation?

A : We feel this is a miracle, because even in Korea itself, we did not expect it to be a big hit. But it did and we are super grateful for all the fans.

Q: What can the fans expect tonight at the fanmeeting?

A: We have prepared singing performance and we have some games too to play with the fans. You can look forward to it.

Q: If there is an advertisement for Running Man, what kind of concept would you like it to be?

A: It will be awesome if we have one. We always give the impression of healthy and active, it would be great if we could film something with that style.

Q: To Song Ji Hyo, how do you feel about working as the only woman in the Running Man team?

A: It’s not easy to be the only female member, but I got used to it and the other members are always supporting me so I can only make it up till here thanks to them.

Don’t miss their fanmeeting tonight at Stadium Negara, you will definitely be entertained by the Running Man casts! For more photos, head to our Facebook!


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