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Block B Disturbed By The Sasaeng Who Keep Coming To Their Dorm

Sasaeng strikes again! This time comes from Block B which send their disturbance letter to sasaeng who always come to their dorm.

Zico, Jaehyo, and Kyung tweeted to stop the sasaeng coming to their dorm.

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Zico tweeted : “It gives me chills when they come to our dorm. Stop it now. Now you get that attention from our members and receive a public message warning because of your actions. Are you happy and feel like you’ve won a medal?

This is not the first time Zico tweeted about sasaeng. On October 11th he also wrote: “If a living restriction also come to the studio, then Block B’s music will be affected greatly. The act, apologizing because you thoughtlessly visiting us, I can’t understand it. Please keep the boundaries.

While Kyung also express his disappointment: “I don’t know how you guys find our dorm. I was shocked to see people scribbled on the door 2 weeks ago. But now, we have a person who rings the bell and running away.. while we’re resting. Bees, I’m begging you, please”

Jaehyo also added and post a photo of the scribbled door just as Kyung said, “I’m thankful that you love us, but this is too scary.

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