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ZE:A’s Leader Twitter and Instagram Name Change To “And End”

Seems that the problem isn’t solved yet, ZE’A’s Leader Instagram and Twitter name change to “And End”.

Junyoung previously tweeted his disappointment to his agency regarding the financial issue and about the artist health. Today, just about 10 minutes before this news released, Star Empire took his instagram (or maybe Junyoung just post it) and release a long statement. The message is about the use of SNS which can make misunderstanding. Star Empire also revealed that they’re having new system.

Due to this, ZE:A’s leader, Junyoung will halt his activities before comeback and ZE:A will continue to promote with 8 members until the problems settled down.

Junyoung later release a statement on ZE:A’s official fancafe:

Hello. This is ZE:A’s leader, Lee Hoo.

When I look back on the past month, it’s been a stormy time.
I first sincerely apologize for causing worry during that stormy time.
Since my teenage years, I dreamt of one dream, and lived for that one thing ever since.
I wanted to be more active and more successful than anyone else, but due to two unfortunate accidents, I wasn’t able to do so and went through a difficult time by myself.
But more than me being in pain, it was a very excruciating time as I felt apologetic for not being able to promote together while I was the leader.
For the past month, I expressed my opinions on SNS.
I know very well the public’s reactions to my tweet, saying it was ‘thoughtless and emotional.’
I too am self-reflecting on them. Yes, my first tweet was emotional.
Disagreements with an agency is something that occurs in any celebrity company, and the members and I were working hard to solve these problems.
As I am an only child, the ZE:A members, who have been with me for a long time, are more than just a team, but family.
At the time, even though I was hurt and in pain, I was able to withstand it.
But when my member, whom I love more than myself, got hurt, I lost my senses.
And I fell into a very emotional stage.
The 12th, a day before the Japanese fanmeeting, member Tae Hun received a martial arts injury.
With that issue as the start, the complaints of the members maximized.
It was very difficult to fight with the company.
Coming to the conclusion that we could no longer communicate with the company, I began to expose the reality of ZE:A through SNS, believing in the fans and the public.
Profit distribution. That’s only the beginning.
The thing I wanted more than anything was the respect for the ZE:A members.
After that disruption, the ZE:A members and CEO Shin Joo Hak were able to meet and find a solution regarding the profit distribution and rights and welfare of the artists. I too believed that everything has been resolved.
Also, the immediate public apology tweet wasn’t due to my willingness, but were the strongly reflected details of the company’s stance.
But because of this tweet, speculative misunderstandings became greater about me, and so I reacted to that misunderstanding, becoming more hostile to the public.
Feeling that I was alone in this world, I perhaps needed someone I trusted and could tell the truth other than the members and my family.
I wanted to believe that I wasn’t alone, and the only ones that could believe me were the fans and the public.
From the ZE:A’s Day fanmeeting with the fans, I think the people who would know already knew.
And a few days later, I began my stories on SNS to the public.
But the way I talked to the public was poor.
So I was advised by the company to halt activities for the time being.
I apologize to all the people who became worried due to all the disturbances that I caused.
Because I loved rising to the stage and only looked down the road to becoming a singer from my trainee days until now, I promoted with heart of gratitude to the company and fans that provided the opportunity.
The reason why I’m still enduring it is because of ZE:A’s.
I’m sorry and sorry again for making it hard for ZE:A’s.
And thank you.
I’ll repay this back with good music.
Until the day I come back, please continue to cheer on and look after the other eight members like now.

Translation : MWAVE



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