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Lee Joon Decided Not To Renew His Contract With JTune Camp To Focus On His Acting

Another member is leaving the group. This time the news comes from MBLAQ.

As his contract with J.Tune Camp comes to an end, Lee Joon decided not to renew his contract. He decided to leave and focus on his acting career. Lee Joon previously had been known for his ability to act in several movies and drama, “Ninja Assassin”, “Rough Play”, “IRIS 2”, and “Gap-dong”.

However, Lee Joon is still participating in MBLAQ’s upcoming concert “Curtain Call” with other members. Previously, Randy Noh, the show director of their concert, revealed on his instagram that the group is set to enlist in the army after the concert.

[UPDATE] The other member, Cheondung a.k.a. Thunder also decided not to renew his contract with J.Tune Camp. Following Lee Joon, he’ll leave MBLAQ and to walk on his own path.

[UPDATE] J.Tune Camp released an official statement that at first they’re still discussing whether Lee Joon to leave the group or not. Lee Joon previously had been discussing about his will to focus on his acting career, as he previously stated that his dream is to become an actor, but about him leaving the group it hasn’t been decided yet. Lee Joon still join the group as MBLAQ’s member till the concert in November. “Our agency will also be working hard to make the best decisions for MBLAQ”

J.Tune Camp also revealed both Lee Joon and Thunder’s withdrawal is not decided yet.

[UPDATE] According to some sources, MBLAQ will start their individual activities and to release their last album as group on the second week of November.

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