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Ailee Gears Up For US Debut With Beyonce’s Producer

Not only being busy promoting her latest track Don't Touch Me, Ailee is revealed to also be progressing in her US debut. YMC Entertainment revealed that currently, the soloist is working with Shea Taylor, producer of world-renown singer Beyonce.

Through a press release, the agency stated that the debut project has been ongoing since 2013 with the help from various famous producers. Although there hasn’t been any exact schedule, YMC claimed that the debut is being carefully taken care of, considering the fact that US is a very large and tough market. Yet, they ensured, “All producers are very optimistic about Ailee’s US promotion.”

Shea Taylor is the man behind some of Beyonce’s hits, for example Love on Top and Run The World (Girls). He has also worked with other famous singers, such as Ne-Yo, Rihanna, and Chris Brown.

Wow, congrats Ailee! What do you think of her progress? 🙂

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