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SNSD Jessica Was Forced To Quit From Her Group by SM?

SNSD Jessica’s weibo been a hot topic as she posted the message that she’s being kicked out from her group by SM Entertainment.


No confirmation whether it’s really Jessica who post it or hacker, but Jessica also nowhere to be found in airport today. SNSD scheduled to have a fanmeeting in China but only 8 members appear in airport today. If we take a look at their expression, I guess something bad happen? Photos are shown below. This news even make fans speculating that it’s indeed true that Jessica will quit from SM. The rumor even worse after the news that Jessica previously met Lim Sang Hyuk, the lawyer of JYJ to talk about the contract termination. But the lawyer denied it and he said he didn’t meet Jessica before.

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As this news raising that fast. SM Entertainment stocks reported dropped low. Till this news released, SM Entertainment stocks reported dropped till 5% after the Jessica’s being kicked out released.


[UPDATE] According to some news we got, Jessica was forced to quit from her group after the conflict related to her marriage. It’s stated that Tyler Kwon’s and Jessica’s family have met each other and set the date for their marriage next year.


[UPDATE] Dispatch released a photo of SNSD Jessica and Tyler Kwon at Incheon airport. It’s reported that Jessica and Tyler Kwon was on the same plane from New York and arrived at Incheon on September 29th. But SNSD actually have a fanmeeting in China on Sept 30th and also said that Jessica prioritized SNSD before leaving. The member reported upset because they have to rush.

[UPDATE] SM Entertainment stated that Girls’ Generation are now will run with only 8 members. This means that Jessica is officially quit from the group. Jessica still in SM Entertainment but not in Girls’ Generation anymore.

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We’re here to explain about Jessica’s Weibo posted today.

Due to her personal business, Jessica has notified us that she will halt the team (SNSD) promotions with the release of 1 more album this spring.

The agency and Girls’ Generation members tried our best to conclude this with the best and possible direction. However, during the negotiations about the priorities and interest, Jessica launched her fashion business. Due to this, it has come to the point where Jessica could not maintain in the team anymore.

The agency had no choice but to continue Girls’ Generation with 8 members earlier than planned. We’re about to annouced this but Jessica has posted her words on weibo this morning.

From here now on, our agency will continue to support 8 members Girls’ Generation and Jessica’s individual activities.”


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32 Comments on SNSD Jessica Was Forced To Quit From Her Group by SM?

  1. SM Entertanment is a lode af crap i don’t believe them also i do not think their marriage has to do with any of this


  2. it was so f*cking news I heard.
    Please JESSICA JUNG come back.
    Wala na nga Ang bias Kung si Luhan sa EXO. Tas ngaun si unnie SICA naman.
    Oh,c’mon. SmN. Is so bad to do that.
    I will always support you even you is now 8 member.
    I hope unnie sica will come back to SNSD.


  3. this is really f*cking unbelievable!!!


  4. I am just totally disappointed with SM…
    Why sm did that ???
    Please Jessica unni don’t leave.!!! you know how much the sones fans all over the world.Me as a fan I’m not bias of jessica but when i started loving snsd when have a 9 members, kpop is my inspiration in life.. i love so much snsd please … don’t this SM???


  5. Plz Jessica unnie don’t leave.I love you so much.Don’t do it.Plzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  6. Jessica please stay back I to have your name here please I beg you PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I was so disappointing with this news , why must sm forced jessica to quit the SNSD member , that mean SNSD is no longer as GG because there was just a 8 member there , 1 member lost 8 member will can’t be strong like before


  8. Freaking news.. Jessica play very important rule in SNSD..GG.

    No matter how this is a fact. Fans Love SNSD because of the total nine member without one it will no longer SNSD. No longer GG..


  9. I’m a newbie in K-pop. SNSD was the one who made me fall in love with K-pop, cause it’s amazing how a group of 9 girls could sing and dance so nice, while giving a various impression, (cute in Kissing You, proud in The Boys, etc.) growing more mature following their age. And the most stunning member for me was Jessica. She is not only talented, but also put her best effort and has a unique prettiness.

    As i heard this news, i remember of western’s boyband Westlife, whose existance slowly went down after one of its member were out from the group. Well that’s understandable. I bet it will be really really hard for a music group to maintain their popularity after losing one or more primary members. In facts, fans know you as a whole. SNSD is just have to be 9. And not just 9, but 9 which is consist of : Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun.

    I won’t judge whose statement were right, since who am I, that don’t know both Jessica and SM/SNSD personally. I just disappointed of how SM kick Jessica out. It’s just so not well- mannered. With this way, SM only makes Jessica, SNSD, and SONES disappoint and sad. It even makes itself worse.

    Without Jessica, SNSD will not ever be the same :
    1. Although there’s still Taeyeon, the strongest vocalist of the group, SNSD will lose a cute sweet-angelic voice which only Jessica who had it.
    2. Although there’s still Sunny, the aegyo queen, SNSD will lose the cold cuteness of an ice princess. Sica Effect is just too irreplacable.
    3. Although there’s still Tiffany, the one whose english is excellent, SNSD will lose the english-speaking funny conversation. Nobody talks by herself. Plus, concert greetings in western country will lose something for sure.
    4. Although there’s still Hyoyeon, the dancing queen, SNSD will lose the sharpest dancer of 5 main vocalists. While Jessica must sing relatively a lot of parts, consist of high notes, when it comes to her part, it were really the best to be see. Her gestures and dance movement were very sharp.
    5. Although there’s still Yuri, the sexy black pearl, Sica’s sexy-and-mysterious eye gaze were really something. Something only she who has it.
    6. Although there’s still Sooyoung, the fashionista, SNSD will lose a classy-gorgeous look, that only a girl with a lux face like Jessica can give.
    7. Although there’s still Yoona, the prettiest girl for most of all, SNSD will lose a cute-yet-mature look of Jessica. Her blank cold expression was really something unique that no one has.
    8. Although there’s still Seohyun, the pure-innocent maknae, SNSD will lose the one whose attitude were straightforward, that always reminds us not to be a fake person, dare to be different.
    9. And although someday SM recruit a new member for SNSD and it’s 9 again, no matter how great she can sing, how well she dances, or how pretty she looks, still, she’s not Jessica.

    i just hope one day Jessica can join SNSD again..but if not, i wish you both the best of luck 🙂


  10. its a very very bad news for all of us(snsd fans)….im very disappointed to SM…..


  11. The hell of that SM Entertainment !!!! >.<


  12. i totally dissapointed with sm. why you all guys have so many scandals?? you kicked jessica out it means you ruin yourselves…
    snsd is 9, not 8
    and you see the other members? how can they stand up without jessica? this scandal made their emotion drop low. how could they sing when they have no mood?
    i just want to warn you one more time, sment, you ruin your agency… snsd without jessica isn’t and never be the same


  13. what happen jessica???
    please come back!!!!!!!!!!!even though if ur not my bias i still love SNSD for being a 9 members………….it is
    hard for me to see snsd have a 8 members….and i like ur talent ur good in singing…i still hoping that u will come back..i will wait u….


  14. sone9foreverleegayoung // October 1, 2014 at 3:48 PM // Reply

    SM so so bad. Only 9 angles not 8.So so disapointed about sm. First TVXQ and Super Junior and EXO and now SNSD That can’t be possible i hate sm very much do it snsd like SHINWA that will be better than staying at sm hate hate sm very much


  15. fck that sment ! ! im so very disappointed with you !!! pls jessica dont fcking leave !! even if your not m bias im still supporting all of you so please unnie dont leave T_T


  16. I am soooo disappointed about this news.
    I really like Jessica being a part of SNSD,
    Why are you doing this to us (sones) SM TOWN!!!

    Please Jessica-Unnie, if you read this, don’t quit on being a SNSD.
    Many sones, will be sad if your not in SNSD anymore
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😥 😥 😥


  17. I am just totally disappointed with SM…
    Why sm did that ???
    Please Jessica unni don’t leave.!!! you know how much the sones fans all over the world.Me as a fan I’m not bias of jessica but when i started loving snsd when have a 9 members, kpop is my inspiration in life.. i love so much snsd please … don’t this SM???




  18. this is crazy!!!! gosh !! what is the meaning of snsd if not complete members:(
    forever#9 GG


  19. Ooohhhh no!! I just wish Jesica’s individual activities will do well and she’ll have a marvelous wedding!


  20. Please Jessica don’t leave you know how much the sones fans all over the world.Me as a fan, kpop is my inspiration in life.
    I’m begging the SM entertainment,if you totally care your artist it would not be happen.I will say SM Entertainment,was they only care about their money.But you didn’t see if they not your artist,they will not the no.1 management in Korea.
    First,the TvXQ,Super junior,Exo,and now Snsd.Who’s next Fx_,Shinee.I_’m sure SM has a no regret about this,because they have the rookies,but they didn’t how much so many people has affected on this.Me,I surpass about what happen in SJ,but last month the EXO,has more shockingly then now SNSD.I Don’t know if I have a longer kpop fan anymore,ifmy idol does not complete anymore.Right after this,SM Will be down on rating.I pray that SM will be on trouble.I hate SM.SM is not my no longer no.1 management anymore…


  21. Korean agencies just don’t want to be successful. Look what happened to T-ara. They were perfect and the agency ruined them. Now SNSD is losing Jessica over some really stupid reasons.


  22. I mean 9 of them together


  23. Why sm did that T_T
    Its really made me sad when i heared it.
    I used to watch to see 3 of them together but now its so sad they become 8.


  24. SNSD without JESSICA means nothing for us as sone..😢😢


  25. The SNSD will be not completed if Jessica is not there, the face of the other members were really sad of what SM Entertainment do to Jessica. Why SM Entertainment need to remove Jessica from the group??? Many fans of the Girls’Generation will very shock of what they did to Jessica.


  26. I am very sad about this news and that is what I have never think of. Although my bias is not jessica but she is talented and pretty she [play an important part of Girls’ Generation. This is just unbelievable. I am just totally disappointed with SM!!!
    well why do thery do this SNSD is so worldwide there are so many sones over the world, this is just stupid !!!


  27. A fan. OMBUDDAH // September 30, 2014 at 6:04 PM // Reply

    😭😭😭😭😭I died so much inside.. JASSICA!😭😭


  28. this is so fucking stupid!!!! if this is sooooooo real, their next album will suck big time. i listen snsd song like every freakin day and jessica is one of the voice that you recognize and well blend to taeyeon and fany strong voice. she always breaks the song with her sweet voice. without her, the snsd sound we used to like will be no longer as good


  29. This is sad news for SNSD fans worldwide. Jessica is a big part of the group and would always be.


    • good job jessica , you are now promoted to an angel & made thee Ones’ Eights’ of Nines’ devils you jessica is the real hypocrite for all the statements made. you knew how to seize the moment and time [ art of war ] “angels or satan” let The Mighty One decide Not you all so called once GG lovers Snsd is not jessica or anyone standing alone
      Snsd is Girls Generation


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