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Taecyeon Post A Message On Twitter Calming Down Hottests And Angels

Previously, Jun.K tweeted an ambiguous message “Sajaegi? #EVERYBODYKNOWS”. Sajaegi means the agency buying back the album in mass number to increase the number of album’s selling in order to win the market and music show. Starship previously accused doing the ‘sajaegi’ but there’s still nothing confirmed.

However, that tweet made Hottests (2PM fans) and Angels (TeenTop fans) fighting. TeenTop fans and 2PM fans assumed that Jun.K accusing TeenTop doing ‘Sajaegi’. While the other option, Jun.K is laughing because somebody accusing 2PM doing ‘sajaegi’. This issue brought up after Teen Top won over 2PM on September 26th Music Bank. Some fans just can’t accept the truth that 2PM is losing to Teen Top.

Regarding this hot issue, Taecyeon took his twitter to calm down Hottests and Angels.

“Whether you’re a Hottest or Angel, let’s stop. If you say oppas are important to you, then our fans are important to us too. In the mean time you insult each other and fighting, look at your oppas face once more. Just let it pass. Life is too short even when you look at good things, right?”

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