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Heechul Left A Message Regarding Sungmin’s Dating Confirmation

Heechul speak up  and asking fans to keep support Sungmin, even after the dating news had been confirmed yesterday.

Heechul post a message on his instagram, he told the fans that Sungmin feels sorry towards fans and members after thebdating news spreaded.

He’s not my real dongseng, but my dongseng Lee Sungmin. He’s still saved as ‘Dan Ho Bak’ in my phone. ‘Boil a lot of sweet pumpkin (danhobak)~ I ate it all’ – it was a line like this. But I forgot it. Kekekeke.

Always quiet with no issues at all, Sungmin is a bit busy today.. ^-^

It’s something I always say. ‘Hey, you shouldn’t hit Sungmin with even a flower.’ It’s right. Our Sungmin cannot be hit even with a flower or my face (it’s a flower, yes yes). Keke.

Maybe I’m overexaggerating during this promotion? But our members are all struggling but having a good time, all leaning on each other. It’ll be like this even in thHeechul e future. Let’s all hold hands like oppa, dongseng, unnie nuna and be happy together for a really really long time!!

I’m the one who really hates cheesy things, but our Sungmin, who has never cried in any place, said, ‘Hyung… I’m sorry… to the fans… and the members,’ and I became very upset.

Although the path that the Dan Ho Bak is going on won’t be a silk road, let’s not make it a thorny one.

I love you my babies!
Although I can’t make a proper heart.

Sungmin confirmed dating with musical actress Kim Sa Eun yesterday. Both met at The Three Musketeers musical and develop a bond.

Translation by MWAVE


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