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ZE:A’s Lee Hoo VS Star Empire CEO Solved

ZE:A’s leader, Lee Hoo previously tweet that he will talk to his president, Shin Joo Hak about the matters which he had been struggling for.

He tweeted some more after the discussion with the president ended.

Hello, this is ZE:A Moon Jun Young. First, I’d like to say sorry for causing trouble. I’ve talked to the president and I’m thankful that he heard my sincere opinion and thoughts. I just want to make it clear. The president got complained by fans and public. But it’s all ends and I feel even smaller. So, take a look here, it’s just a small internal problems between me and the president. The other agency might even worse. I don’t want my president is the one who’s lacking behind.”

I’ll keep going for the sake of other idols. If you’re the man of the agency, I bet you’ll in the same position to protect what you want. Me and ZE:A are now protecting Star Empire and president. I love you all, ZE:A and us. President told me to calm down that’s why I didn’t reveal any document. He cried, he’s a human too, maybe that’s why he told me like that. Now, we’re on the same side, hyu~ I’ll be patient. Since the president had apologized.

Our president, today.. he really protect and listening to me. Only me and other people who’s involved who know the exact situation. We’re all crying a lot today and learning to express our feeling honestly and everything will be alright.”

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