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Wonder Girls To Comeback As 4?

According to the news I’ve read, Wonder Girls are preparing their comeback this fall.

What makes it even more exciting is that they stated that Wonder Girls will comeback as 4 members. Sunmi, YeEun, Hyelim, and Yubin. Sohee is not going to join as she decide to leave the agency to BH Entertainment to be a model and actress. Sunye also having her marriage life and living overseas with her family. The news stated that the girls are currently practicing their dance and the title track composed by Park Jin Young.

As we know, Sunmi previously going solo since 2010 and didn’t join any Wonder Girls promotion. But she didn’t state that she’s leaving the group or something. With this news, Wonderfuls are even more excited to see them back on stage.

[UPDATE] Newsen recently released a news regarding this Wonder Girls comeback. JYP side said that it’s not true. There’s no basic information about Wonder Girls’ comeback. Previously, Newsways reported that the girls are currently preparing for comeback but as Newsen confirmed it to JYP’s side, they said there’s no such comeback for Wonder Girls.

Seems that we must back hoping for the girls to comeback soon.

Source: Newsway, Newsen

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