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E News Aired Some Shocking News About Korean Music Industry

Earlier today, E News aired some shocking truth about XX Entertainment who’s caught sexually abusing their trainee and idols.

The male ex-trainee of XX Entertainment revealed trough E News. He revealed that they’re forced to perform and raped by XX Entertainment’s CEO. And even more shocking, 2 out of 5 members were raped since their early teens. He also revealed that they rented a room to drink to celebrate 1 staff’s birthday and had a male trainee to perform strip show and the girls pouring drinks on him and touch him inappropriately. It’s all done because their dream to become an idol, if they don’t want to do it, they will kick him out. They leave him no choice.

This ex-trainee left the company after 2 years of sexual abuse. He doesn’t want to call the police, because he’s afraid it will become a huge issue. “I quit after they asking me for money  for that sexual favors.”

He also revealed that the trainees who’s underage (-18) also no exception. They will talk about sexual matter and physical contact with them too even though that they’re still underage. They measured trainee’s height and weight every week, also check the girl’s private areas.

He also revealed a shocking truth about the girl group who’s been debuting under XX Entertainment. She previously had to meed someone from the company and then returned with face injuries and said that she want to suicide.

It’s all hasn’t been revealed about which company and idols, but ZE:A’s Leader, Lee Hoo then took his twitter expressing his anger towards his president, coincidental with this news. We also remember about 9Muses’ documentary where Sera got slapped by her CEO, Shin Jun Hak.

Read more about his twitter message: ZE:A’s Leader Left A Long Message Through His Twitter Against His CEO, Shin Jun Hak

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