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Kim Jin Ho Returns with A Heartfelt “People” MV

Kim Jin Ho of SG Wannabe returns on September 17th with a heartfelt song and MV, People (사람들).

Through the black and white video, the singer with a strong yet soothing voice tried to convey a healing message for everyone. In the clip, we could see image of people and their changing expressions, from a blank stare and a cry into smile and laughter. The emotions portrayed are in accordance to the message Kim Jin Ho wants to convey, that as sadness and happiness come and go in life, people should remember the moment they are living in and move forward with it.

People is a part of Kim Jin Ho’s 2nd album, which has the same name. The album is consisted of 10 tracks in total, with various kind of ballad and acoustic as it’s genre.

Without further ado, let’s watch the MV below.



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