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Clazziquai Project Released A Quirky MV for “Still I’m By Your Side”

On September 17th, Veteran group Clazziquai Project released an MV for Still I'm By Your Side (내게 돌아와), a song from their newest album Blink.

Although at first it looked like an MV with a romance story that everyone could tell, the group consisted of Alex, Horan, and DJ Clazzi managed to drop a quirky, plot-twisted scenario by the end of the video. Whilst, as per usual, encasing their own unique touch of Electronic Pop genre.

The album itself, Blink, is Clazziquai Project’s 6th album. Along with Still I’m By Your Side, the album contains 10 songs in total. Prior to it’s release, the trio held their 10th anniversary party on August 29th, in an area at Hongdae.

If you haven’t seen it yet, let’s check out the video below 🙂

(p.s : make sure to watch it to the very end and feel free to drop a comment later!)


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