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‘Shinhwa Company’ changes its name into ‘ShinCom Entertainment’

On the 15th, Shinhwa Company officially announces the change in the company name, now into ‘ShinCom Entertainment’.

The company has been in a recent lawsuit with Jun Media, and the company name changed in ‘ShinCom Entertainment’ per the 29th last month. The lawsuit was about the termination of the trademark rights usage and accounts from concert revenues, which the company then decided to change its name in order to prevent the use of the name Shinhwa to be used and recognised as using the trademark rights.

Jun Media is the company that received the rights to manage the trademark right of  the name ‘Shinhwa’ from SM Entertainment, and the use of the trademark rights of the name ‘Shinhwa’ is limited to album and digital release. ShinCom Entertainment further added that they will not having the name ‘Shinhwa’ in the album jackets in future albums and will also delete the name Shinhwa from their 11th album last year. The album then will only consists of Shinhwa’s logo instead of the name. This is done in order to prevent for future trademark issues from the on-going lawsuit. Because the name ‘Shinhwa’ is recognised as a trademark right, the company name also changed into ‘ShinCom Entertainment’, also an act of refraining to use the name ‘Shinhwa’.

The lawsuit between ShinCom Entertainment and Jun Media is still on-going. A rep from Shinhwa said they will do their best to protect the name Shinhwa.

We hope that the lawsuit will go well and Shinhwa will be able to use their rightful name again.

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