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Teen Top Released Track List for ‘ÉXITO’

Teen Top released the track list for their upcoming mini-album ‘ÉXITO’.

This ‘ÉXITO’ mini-album, which means success in Spanish, contains 6 songs in total. The main track, ‘Missing’ has been revealed to be another Brave Brother produced track, so like their previous hits, this one would most likely cause another addiction. The other five tracks are, ‘Alone ?’, ‘Cry’, ‘Love Is’, ‘Remote Control’, and ‘LOVE U’.

The album will be released on September 15. Like it’s album name, let’s hope this one will truly be a success!


2 Comments on Teen Top Released Track List for ‘ÉXITO’

  1. Siti Rosaida Bahar // September 29, 2014 at 12:02 PM // Reply

    All of the track are simply the best..i like ‘missing’,’Alone?’,&’LOVE U’ the most…


  2. Looking forward to it


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