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Roy Kim to Host SBS’s New Variety Show, “Something”

The singer Roy Kim is going to make his hosting debut soon! On August 24, Roy Kim took part in the filming of SBS’s new variety show, “Something”, as a host. “Something” is a variety show about lives of different people from different backgrounds, where their stories will be told through music. For its pilot episode, besides Roy Kim, there are eleven stars that also share their stories – Dynamic Duo, Akdong Musician, Kim Jung Eun, Yoon Sang Hoon, Kang Ho Dong, Choi Baek Ho, Lim Sang Ah, Baek Hyuk Kwon, Lee Pil Mo, Park Geun Hyung, and Lim Chang Jung.

About the hosting debut, the singer said that he was pretty nervous to work with seniors; but since he could sing and talk during the filming, he can put up his nervousness and had fun instead. Roy Kim also asked for everyone’s support for his hosting debut.

“Something” is scheduled to be aired over Chuseok holiday.

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